welcome to flint

We're all about bringing a touch of Sydney warmth to the world of production. Our passion lies in crafting photographic campaigns, TV commercials, brand narrative films, and engaging social content.

Our team of Flint Artists are the ultimate multitaskers – both talented photographers and skilled directors. They glide effortlessly between these two worlds to give your projects that extra depth.

Our Flint Producers are fluent in the languages of Photography and Film. They don't just bring expertise; they orchestrate photography, film, and integrated campaigns with finesse. They navigate the finer details of production, skilfully bringing creative ideas to life.

So, whether you're seeking to tell your brand's story through photography, film or embark on an integrated campaign journey, Flint is here to infuse warmth, creativity, and expertise into every step of the process.

Flint Sydney Andreas Smetrana


Andreas Loves to Sail.

Photographer / Director / Sailor / Father / Husband – not in that order – Andreas Smetana has worked on commercial campaigns for the last 25 years, but that does not make him old!

His work is well recognised and he finds his inspiration in the complete process that culminates in his striking imagery. He loves connecting with people to creatively hammer out a brief, visually pushing the boundaries to find an edge and individual flavour.

Andreas’s work is diverse, transitioning effortlessly between film and stills. He embraces every genre from highly technical shoots, large productions, performance to merely capturing the essence of a human story.
Andreas aims to satisfy in the commercial realm, and he does this by listening and giving his full concentration and work ethic to each project he takes on.

Andreas is also a Co Founder of Flint.

Did we mention that he loves to Sail..?

Flint Sydney Jon Bader


Jon loves to cook, to feed people and to problem solve.

Director / Photographer / Master Chef Wannabe.

Working across stills and film Jon is in his element when there’s a visual riddle, an impossible angle to find or a crazy camera move to design.

Jon has a deep connection with all things food and is able to seamlessly care for his clients interests (it’s all about the food!) whilst crafting beautiful imagery and creating mouthwatering films

Jon only has one setting – fully engaged – so no matter if the project is big or small you can expect him to be 100% on from brief to on-air

Flint Sydney Toby Dixon


Photographer / Director / Yodelling Aspirant / Amateur Lumberjack.

It’s rumoured that Toby is the lovechild of Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, from the days of filming the cult road movie, ‘Smokey And The Bandit’. While this doesn’t stack up chronologically, it does perhaps explain Toby’s innate ability to make friends with complete strangers in a moments notice. On every assignment, he’s able to get powerful, genuine performances from all walks of life; from famed celebrities, to peak athletes, politicians, models, regular folk and even cats. Yes, even cats. This unique skill has paved the road to a successful career spanning the globe and shooting for the worlds most recognised brands. When not making friends with strangers in far-flung places, he’s at home in Sydney sharpening his axe in attempts to become the next big thing on the middle-aged Lumber-jacking Circuit. If only his lower back was as enthusiastic.

Flint Sydney Jeremy Shaw


Jeremy is our hairy Big Bear who always has a smile on his face.

With his innate knack for connecting, he effortlessly unveils the honest and unfiltered personalities of his subjects. He’s got a unique directing and shooting style, honed over years in the industry, that’s all about capturing genuine moments and creating stunning visuals.

But Jeremy’s not just about work. He’s as adaptable as they come, and attributes his cool, calm, and collected demeanor to his Jiu Jitsu escapades with friends on his days off.

Approaching every creative project collaboratively has helped him forge long standing friendships and professional relationships over the years.

Flint Sydney David Maurice Smith


Director / Photographer / Father / Children’s Entertainer / Canadian (not American).

David is extremely tall. Almost certainly he is much taller than that super tall mate you have.

In addition to being tall, David works for clients like the New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian etc visualizing complex human stories and commercially for clients that are looking to blur the line between commercial and documentary. He is adept at harnessing beautiful light and weaving strong narratives. These are his calling cards.

David has won some shiny trophies for his work… work that has taken him from conflict zones to exotic islands, refugee camps to the middle of deserts, riots to underground drug labs and many places in between. However his kids remain unimpressed. They just want to be relentlessly double-bounced on the trampoline.

Flint Sydney Alex Feggans


Best known for his ability to elicit strong performances and create vibrant cinematic worlds, Alex is driven by his passion for telling character-driven stories that are entertaining and memorable.

Alex began his career working on feature film sets before moving into post-production where he honed his storytelling skills as a commercial advertising editor in London and Sydney. He spent the next decade cutting for some of the world’s best commercial directors before making the leap into directing himself. He has since directed campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands including Netflix, Nintendo, HSBC, Coke & TAB. His first short film ‘Jackrabbit’ played at some of the world’s best film festivals (including the international competition at Clermont-Ferrand, Sydney Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, OFF and Hollywood Comedy Shorts) and was acquired by Canal+ (France), Telephonica (Spain) and SVT (Sweden) to play on their cable TV networks.

Alex prides himself on having a clear vision and enjoys collaborating to bring the creative team’s ideas to life in the most compelling way. Above all else, he loves to make films and always brings boundless energy to every project.

Flint Sydney Matt Cherubino


Photographer / Adventure Enthusiast / Surfer / Travel Connoisseur

Don’t be fooled by his age, Matt has packed in more to a silver jubilee than most would in a lifetime.

You might wonder why Matt’s work doesn’t only resemble the inner city of Melbourne where he grew up, that’s because his work has taken him to far-flung places across the world. From shooting a campaign on top of a New Zealand Glacier right through to chasing motorbikes in a helicopter in Mexico to shooting a campaign on the Antarctic Peninsula right up to sailing through East Greenland, and well, a lot in-between. For Matt it’s a passion-first approach, tackling his commercial work with the same enthusiasm as his own personal projects, the process of delivering to a client brief and beyond is where Matt draws great satisfaction within his work. Challenge is what he loves, whether it’s operating out a helicopter, in a studio, a foreign city, underwater or on top of a mountain, Matt finds comfort in the uncomfortable.

When he’s not slinging a camera over his shoulder you might find him running, surfing, skiing, riding or drinking coffee. Most importantly, however, spending time with friends and family.

Flint Sydney Heather Favell


Heather is an earthly being… however also a hybrid of a hippy at heart crossed with a girl brought up in the heart of London. Her best friends are trees and shrubs mixed with the trendy folk of city life.

She possesses a passion for shooting people and enjoys capturing the spontaneous, the shared moments between moments and the subtle nuances of body language and facial expressions that connect us all as humans. She loves humour and is an observer of the funny side of life that is all around us.

Heather has shot in over 30 countries for international brands and brings deep experience to the table. Having been based in London, Paris and New York she approaches every job with her fresh take on life. A lover of all people and lifestyle situations with a particular interest in promoting real women in authentic situations and promoting female empowerment.

Working with Heather is a refreshing experience, she is passionately into nutrition and natural healing and is actually over 180 years old, having shot Queen Victoria’s famous nude series in 1876 😊

She is comfortable executing moving image and stills campaigns and brings a wealth of international shooting experience and joy to the table.

….she also loves radishes.

Marcel Dambon


Director / Rev Head / DJ / World Traveller / Football Trivia Expert / Dessert Lover

Marcel is a highly skilled filmmaker who specializes in commercials, documentaries, and storytelling. His areas of focus revolve around automotive, sports, portraiture and any subject that involves crafting beautiful narratives. Marcel’s passion for cars and people is evident in his work, as he strives to create films that highlight the human element and captivate audiences.

For Marcel, filmmaking is a collaborative process centered around crafting stories that place people at the forefront. He believes that the real world is a rich source of inspiration, where he discovers gripping ideas, captivating imagery, compelling settings, and poignant moments. Marcel finds endless inspiration in this stage of reality, fuelling his creativity as a director.

One of the aspects Marcel loves about filmmaking is the opportunity to work in diverse environments. He has experience working with large crews on grand sets, as well as collaborating with tightly knit teams. Marcel is also comfortable with run-and-gun shooting, where he captures spontaneous moments on the go.

And more importantly he’s a dessert lover and is suspicious of those who don’t like dessert…it is after all a main dish!

Flint Sydney Tom Franks


Finding unique & distinctive members of society and creating singular & honest moments is what best inspires Franks’ personal work.

Real people, with real stories.

Finding these people & persuading them to step in-front of the lens is just the first hurdle – the real challenge is winning their trust so they drop their guard, momentarily forgetting about the presence of a camera at all.

It’s this thrill of the chase that excites him most.

This narrative driven portraiture combined with his technical expertise allows him to undertake the most complex of advertising briefs with ease, resulting in cinematic imagery that has repeatably earned him a place in Luerzer’s Archive Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide.

Flint Sydney Rachel Henderson


Rachel loves to sing!

Rachel aka Rachel The Rockstar / EP / Mum / Dog lover.

With vast production experience and a deep understanding of the business, Rachel’s impressive career has taken her across the globe, where she has worked on both high-profile local and international campaigns, connecting with amazing people along the way.

With the arrival of children, Rachel made the decision to take a step back from being in the Production trenches and has focussed on the business end of things. As a co-founder and EP of Flint, Rachel takes great pride in working alongside an incredibly talented team of Directors, Photographers and Producers.

In her spare time, Rachel indulges her passion for singing. Despite juggling work and family life, Rachel still finds time to cook dinner for her kids before racing off to a gig, where she can often be heard telling her kids, “I’m sure Madonna doesn’t have to put up with this s@#*!”


Producer / Dancer / Shopaholic / Runner / Pilates lover

Christina looks young, but don’t underestimate her!

Yes, she’s full of youthful energy, but she’s also highly detailed in her work and fights for the best production possible. She’s resourceful, a problem solver and confident beyond her years. Christina is always looking for a challenge and loves to be busy. She is a tireless force to be reckoned with.

When she’s not busy producing, Christina can be found running at her local beach, shopping, or out finding some good brunch spots in Sydney.


Producer / Foodie / Bubble Tea Lover / Swimmer / Filipino WOC

Belle started out in the hopes of getting into sound production and cool music festivals but got caught in the fun of ABC’s The Roast/WTF (2013) under the direction of The Chaser member Charles Firth. In this time she found the love of production, producing viral videos, documentary, a TV series, experiential events, animation, 3D VR apps, live theatre and of course commercials. Belle helped produce the Fork Films feature documentary Decadence: Decline of the Western World, and the short film My Minds Own Melody, with Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Josh Wakely, all before landing in the world of advertising in agency and production. During this time, Belle produced short film Rash Decision, Top 10 Finalist for Tropfest 2018.

When she’s not producing she’s booking the next restaurant opening in Sydney, in the pool or having friends over to put on a Filipino feast!


Senior Producer / Lover of dogs / Spiced Margaritas and Travelling off the beaten path

A citizen of the world and avid explorer, Petra has had the privilege of living and working in various corners of the world, pulling together remarkable teams and talent in the most demanding environments. Her production journey spans every continent, encompassing over 20 countries, and has taken her to challenging locations in Iraq, Lebanon, Colombia, Russia, Argentina, Africa, and China.

With nearly two decades of experience in leading production teams across the globe, Petra effortlessly collaborates with both multinational networks and small boutique agencies alike, regardless of scale, budget, or location, all driven by her commitment and focus to consistently craft exceptional content for every brand.

When not knee deep in production you can find her exploring new destinations or walking her boisterous dogs.