hatch studio

Nestled in Sydney, we boast our very own Hatch studio, equipped for both photography and film shoots. Hatch is a premium full-service rental studio with lighting & camera equipment available for hire in house and a strong commitment to making life easy for our clients. Hatch Studio is available for hire 24/7 and is perfectly set up for TVC or video shoots as well as commercial and fashion photography. With 172sqm of obstruction free shooting space, drive in access and a huge 10m wide cyclorama there’s good reason why Hatch Studio is an industry favourite. The best part is, with only the one studio, we provide the luxury of working in privacy without interruptions.


post production

We engage in partnerships with premier Post-Production studios in Sydney, teaming up with editors, colourists, sound designers, musicians and VFX artists. Our capabilities extend to an in-house edit suite, which not only allows us to collaborate seamlessly with freelancers but also ensures a comprehensive and streamlined workflow.

clockwork soldier

At Flint, we love our toys and our SLIM Robotic Camera Arm is a great one to have.

Owned by two of Flints Directors/DOP’s, it’s a tried and tested platform in the industry.

The SLIM robot is powered by a completely unique software package that has been designed from the ground up in Australia specifically for film industry application. This bespoke system allows for camera movements with an incredible level of nuance. The intuitive interface means very complex moves can be programmed in minutes and then finessed with ease. Having our software engineer in-house and on-set means we can constantly update the capability of the system, responding to real world situations and resulting in a film tool designed by and for film makers.

Discover more at clockworksoldier.tv