Redorfe x Flint Asia

Flint has teamed up with Serene Chiu of Redorfe as production partner and representation in the Asia region.

For over 20 years, Serene has managed and produced some of the most interesting and complex television commercials and print campaigns around the world and is well-known in the industry as an extremely reliable, efficient and resourceful creative partner who understands the unique challenges inherent in production.

Redorf represents top class Photographers/Directors from around the world that shoot still photography and direct film. They provide multi-talented storytellers that are able to cater for the small to big screen, ranging from low budgets to global campaigns.

Redorfe has vast experience in providing production facilitation anywhere in the Asian, North & South America regions & across Europe. Redorfe & Flint are partners who collaborate to provide a larger pool of Photographers/Directors for the Asia market at reasonable and competitive prices.

TBM x Flint New Zealand

Literally founded by two bearded men, Tim Pierce & Toby Crawford, Two Bearded Men are Flint’s go-to production partners in New Zealand. The Beards are now one of the Southern Hemisphere’s thriving production companies, and of the new age of problem solvers, the thinkers and the do-ers.

TBM provide us with not only local knowledge for line production and handling all sizes of jobs we throw at them but also as our trusted partner on the other side of the ditch, who share the same core values and work ethic of us at Flint. They love to get stuck in and tell great stories with great people.

TBM and Flint have worked together on many projects together for both stills and motion or all sizes.