Flint is a boutique Production House that specialises in the production of advertising films and stills. All of the Flint Artists have reached the top of their careers as a high-end advertising photographers and each skill has now been transferred to film, meaning Flint Artist are multi-talented Director / Photographers with a deep knowledge of their craft.

Flint Artists are supported by our team of Producers who are experienced in both film and stills production. Flint offers a seamless production service that delivers both film and stills. Flint takes pride in working as a team with Agencies and Clients and delivers exceptional work across all mediums.

“Our offering of combining stills and motion into a one-project-team makes so much sense. Flint designs a single production to work for stills and motion, executed by one Director /Photographer.”



Jon loves to cook, to feed people and to problem solve.

Director / Photographer / Master Chef Wannabe.

Working across stills and film Jon is in his element when there’s a visual riddle, an impossible angle to find or a crazy camera move to design.

Jon has a deep connection with all things food and is able to seamlessly care for his clients interests (it’s all about the food!) whilst crafting beautiful imagery and creating mouthwatering films

Jon only has one setting – fully engaged – so no matter if the project is big or small you can expect him to be 100% on from brief to on-air


Hailey loves making mugs in her pottery studio.

Director / Photographer / Mama – Authentic human connection and the desire to inspire people motivates nearly everything Hailey does.

Never one to confine herself to just photography, just being a filmmaker, designing and screen printing her own range of clothing, or just making entire ceramic dinner sets for her friends, Hailey simply just wants to do it all.
When it comes to directing, photography and filmmaking, Hailey is very particular. She loves to create pictures and films that move people, inspire them, or tell a story that needs to be told. She has worked for many businesses and charities that share her values. Her films show up in places like Oprah’s OWN network, ABC TV, Virgin, and Qantas. They are regularly shared widely online – winning awards at international film festivals and some racking up millions of views. Hailey has published two books, one with Penguin Worldwide that resulted in the opportunity to present a TedX talk on the same subject.

For Hailey, it’s all about the journey. The space created and the people we become, when shooting and in our real lives. Through her work, her goal is to reflect back to us what is remarkable and beautiful about our world and ourselves.


Photographer / Director / Father / Husband / Yodelling Aspirant / Amateur Lumberjack.

It’s rumoured that Toby is the lovechild of Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, from the days of filming the cult road movie, ‘Smokey And The Bandit’. While this doesn’t chronologically stack up, it does perhaps explain Toby’s innate ability to make friends with complete strangers in a moments notice. On every assignment, he’s able to get powerful, genuine performances from all walks of life; from famed celebrities, to peak athletes, politicians, models, regular folk and even cats. Yes, even cats. This unique skill has paved a successful career spanning the globe shooting and directing for some of the worlds most recognised brands. When not making friends with strangers in far flung places, he’s at home in Sydney sharpening his axe in attempts to become the next big thing on the middle-aged Lumberjacking Circuit. If only his lower back was as enthusiastic.


Best known for his ability to elicit strong performances and create vibrant cinematic worlds, Alex is driven by his passion for telling character-driven stories that are entertaining and memorable.

Alex began his career working on feature film sets before moving into post-production where he honed his storytelling skills as a commercial advertising editor in London and Sydney. He spent the next decade cutting for some of the world’s best commercial directors before making the leap into directing himself. He has since directed campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands including Netflix, Nintendo, HSBC, Coke & TAB. His first short film ‘Jackrabbit’ played at some of the world’s best film festivals (including the international competition at Clermont-Ferrand, Sydney Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, OFF and Hollywood Comedy Shorts) and was acquired by Canal+ (France), Telephonica (Spain) and SVT (Sweden) to play on their cable TV networks.

Alex prides himself on having a clear vision and enjoys collaborating to bring the creative team’s ideas to life in the most compelling way. Above all else, he loves to make films and always brings boundless energy to every project.


Alina is great at spending, bad at reading maps!

Director / Photographer / Russian / Big heart / Crazy!

Russian by name and nature, Alina has lived and worked in Russia, New York, LA, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney.

She was a tax advisor in Banking & Finance at PwC but don’t hold it against her – her passion for storytelling led her to do a postgrad in Media Arts & Production and she went on to become a Cannes Lion nominated, award-winning photographer, director and artist.

You might know her work from those iconic AFR magazine covers of Frank Lowy, Anthony Pratt, Andrew Forrest, Kevin Rudd or Judith Neilson or you might recall her from multiple TV and radio interviews about her grand solo exhibition The Doormen of New York.


Rachel loves to sing!

Rachel aka Rachel The Rockstar / Producer / Singer / Mum / Dog lover.

Rachel began this Producing journey over 25 years ago working alongside husband, Director / Photographer Andreas Smetana. She worked on many high profile local and international campaigns that took her to all parts of the globe, giving her the opportunity to meet and connect with some amazing people. Her photography production experience is vast and she has a deep knowledge and understanding of the business. With the arrival of children came the decision to take a step back and focus more on the business end of things. She takes great pride in being a co-founder of Flint and loves that she gets to work alongside the incredibly talented team of Director / Photographers and Producers that are Flint.

In her spare time she can found be rumbling with her dog, singing with her band and letting her kids know, “I’m sure Madonna doesn’t have to put up with this s@#*!” as she races to a gig after having cooked them dinner!


Director / Photographer / Father / Children’s Entertainer / Canadian (not American).

David is extremely tall. Almost certainly he is much taller than that super tall mate you have.

In addition to being tall, David works for clients like the New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian etc visualizing complex human stories and commercially for clients that are looking to blur the line between commercial and documentary. He is adept at harnessing beautiful light and weaving strong narratives. These are his calling cards.

David has won some shiny trophies for his work… work that has taken him from conflict zones to exotic islands, refugee camps to the middle of deserts, riots to underground drug labs and many places in between. However his kids remain unimpressed. They just want to be relentlessly double-bounced on the trampoline.


Jono loves to put people to sleep in his spare time

Photographer / Director / Surfer / Jiujitsu Purple belt / Husband and father – Jono has gained a cult following for capturing powerful moments on camera; his artistic personal, and commercial work have earned him an indelible reputation as a photographer and filmmaker. It would not be unusual for Jono to shoot Boy George and Naomi Watts on the same day that he goes to a dog shelter and lends his cinematic lens to assist animal adoption.

Jono is fascinated with humanity, the intrigue of human frailty and our interaction with nature, often remote locations attract his attention. It’s not uncommon for Jono to load up his van, turn off his phone, and hit the highway in search of the unknown.


Taryn likes to be busy, busy and more busy again and is always as cool as a Razorblade.

Producer / Puppy Owner / Champers Drinker / Social Queen.

When not solving the perils of production, Taryn will not be found at home. Not one to sit around, she is notorious for saying yes to everything and magically fitting it all in. From weekend trips to wine regions, to dabbling in Paddle Boarding, Scuba Diving, & 1 x Half Marathon. She is happiest when shoot days are running on time so that she can squeeze something else in.


Andreas Loves to Sail.

Photographer / Director / Sailor / Father / Husband – not in that order – Andreas Smetana has worked on commercial campaigns for the last 25 years, but that does not make him old!

His work is well recognised and he finds his inspiration in the complete process that culminates in his striking imagery. He loves connecting with people to creatively hammer out a brief, visually pushing the boundaries to find an edge and individual flavour.

Andreas’s work is diverse, transitioning effortlessly between film and stills. He embraces every genre from highly technical shoots, large productions, performance to merely capturing the essence of a human story.
Andreas aims to satisfy in the commercial realm, and he does this by listening and giving his full concentration and work ethic to each project he takes on.

Andreas is also a Co Founder of Flint.

Did we mention that he loves to Sail..?


Likes sniffing butts and swimming.

Lookalike Bear / Bed Warmer / Dog.

Charles, aka Charlie, is Flint’s most relaxed member. He loves swimming, dislikes responsibilities, loves licking faces, and once in a while, his own balls, but he means well and has a big heart. He loves swimming and eating. And sleeping.



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