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In a wild feat of schedule wrangling, we turned Andreas into a multitasking magician—shooting film and stills simultaneously. This wasn’t just a big bite; we gobbled it up in record time too. Our team orchestrated the grand cascade of 3000 Christmas balls down a Melbourne staircase and constructed multiple 4×4 meter gift boxes that could probably house a family of kangaroos.

Now, picture this: amidst the backdrop of Melbourne and Perth, we had the “50 Blow-up Swans” adventure, where strong winds decided to treat them to an unexpected airborne performance at the Crown Perth Swimming Pool. 

Oh, and let’s talk about Andreas. A true warrior, he went to war with illness like a champion. Even when he was feeling more colorful than a Christmas light, he stood tall—professionally capturing the chaos, battling a fever, and giving the floor a little bonus decoration. Now that’s dedication! 

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