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Andreas shot a total of 19 days to create an extensive photographic library and a number of social films. His relentless commitment led him to shoot on every type of plane within Qantas’ fleet, often working tirelessly through the night. Beginning at 4 pm and concluding at 9 am, the unconventional hours posed a challenge in portraying the passengers as lively and alert. They literally fell asleep. in a classic analog style.

To show the parked plane fly, we innovatively integrated some cost-effective, large prints outside the windows. These prints were skillfully moved along to mimic the sensation of clouds drifting by the aircraft. This approach not only added vibrancy to the project but also succeeded in encapsulating the essence of Qantas. And it was more cost-effective than doing it in post. It’s worth noting that Qantas remains one of Andreas’s most cherished clients, and this project exemplifies his unwavering dedication. At one point, we filmed three consecutive nights. While the crew changed per session, Andreas powered through severe sleep deprivation with a smile on his face.

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