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Step into the heart of Seppelt’s historic wine cellars. Despite the absence of on-site electricity, we’ve crafted an engaging Stills Campaign, complemented by an insightful film. The film delves into the rich tapestry of Seppelt’s wine history and the distinguished guests who graced its halls with their presence. From the likes of Mark Twain to Australia’s inaugural Governor General, Lord Hopetoun, these cellars have witnessed celebrated gatherings. Notably, in 1910, one of the underground chambers was dedicated to the renowned Opera singer of the Victorian era, Dame Nellie Melba. Her visit to Seppelt Wines included a unique publicity feat – she indulged in a bath filled with Seppelt Great Western Champagne, creating a memorable moment in history.

The tale unfolds that she luxuriated in a bath filled with 100 bottles of Seppelt Great Western Champagne. However, when refilling the bottles for a daring spectacle, an unexpected twist emerged – they found themselves with 101 bottles, adding a touch of serendipity to the legend.

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