This Is Flint

Flint represents a group of dedicated and passionate Photographer-Directors who specialise in photography and directing and who are highly skilled in all media formats.

Flint Artists are supported by our team of Producers who are experienced in both Stills and Motion production.

Flint was founded by Photographer Andreas Smetana and producers Tim Berriman and Rachel Henderson, as an answer to the fast-evolving requirements of the advertising and media industries.

“We recognised the need for project-based solutions to the changing needs of our clients, which is why our offering of combining stills and motion into a one-project-team makes so much sense. Flint designs a single production to work for stills and motion, executed by one Photographer-Director.”

Husband and wife team Andreas Smetana and Rachel Henderson wanted to expand their business as more of their photography briefs came with a motion component as well. So began the search for a partner, which led them to their good friend and TVC Producer Tim Berriman.

Together the trio have worked tirelessly to build the business into what you see today. The first of a new model of production companies providing specialised production services that combine film, photography and all the hybrids in between, at the highest possible level, shepherded by one team, with the one vision.

“It’s a joy to work alongside good friends and to shape the business around who we are as people. At our core we care, are respectful of each other, and strive to always deliver the best work we can with no egos attached. We love that our baby does the same!”